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Energy & Water Audits

By partnering with RESET our clients can fully realize their energy saving opportunities. We deliver simple such as complex energy audits and provide a comprehensive energy and water efficiency capital investment plan in line with building owner’s financial goals.


Whether you are looking for simple retrofits or a long-term investment project, RESET is your first step toward reducing your energy and water use and improving the performance of your facilities in your portfolio.


Our energy auditors deliver energy and water use evaluation. All forms of energy (electricity, gas, oil, water) are included in our analysis.  We audit all type of buildings such as residential, office buildings, commercial, mix use, hotels, hospitals, industries…

Finally, we guarantee the energy and water saving mentioned in our audit reports.


Annual Energy Savings
1,000,000 AED

Simple Payback
3 Years
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Irrigation Audits

Irrigation audits are performed in parks and on sports/golf  fields to check the operation and efficiency of the irrigation system and to make sure all areas are receiving the appropriate amounts of water.

RESET irrigation audit once conducted, will provide information to improve irrigation efficiency, reduce water costs, lessen turfgrass plant damage, significantly decrease the likelihood of water runoff. An irrigation audit in the region measures the uniformity of water that is being applied and the water holding capacity of the soil. The audit process documents irrigation issues in a qualitative way that is valuable when used as a benchmark for the operation of the irrigation system.

RESET has many references and testimonials in the UAE, and we are very confident that 50% water saving or more will be achieved.

Our proposal to clients includes:

  • Water audit report with solutions and their financial implication

  • Solution supply and implementation

  • Project management

  • 12 months measurement and water saving reporting achievements.

These benefits are always part of our offering as they allow us to monitor and report water savings in our projects and maintain our high-performance quality focused approach.


Annual Energy Savings
200,000 AED

Simple Payback
3.6 Years
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Energy Performance Contract: Guaranteed & Shared Savings

RESET helps its client tailor an operation cost expenditure approach with the implementation of energy saving solution without the need for an upfront investment.

RESET approach is to provide turnkey energy saving solutions with a difference - we offer guaranteed and shared energy savings through an Energy Performance Contracting (EPC), that is to say if savings can't be demonstrated, RESET will not charge or refund the fees for the service! 

As part of our service RESET will tailor a comprehensive set of measures to its clients’ needs – these include for energy and water systems such as but not limited to heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting, building management systems and provide the following range of services:

  • Detailed energy audit

  • Design engineering

  • Implementation and Construction management

  • Testing and Commissioning

  • Operations & Maintenance for the solutions installed

  • Savings monitoring & verification

  • Project financing (Optional)


Annual Energy Savings
250,000 AED

Simple Payback
4 Years

Project Financing and Offering

Guaranteed Savings

  • Upfront Investment by customer

  • Payments to RESET based on project implementation milestones

  • Measurement and verification of savings over contract period - performance bond


  • Reduce your energy and water bills

  • Earn a great return on your investment

  • Increase your asset value

  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs

  • Insulate yourself from rising electricity prises 

  • Protect the environment

Shared Savings

  • Upfront investment by RESET

  • Payments to RESET based on achievement of savings (% of actual savings)

  • Measurements and verification of savings over contract period



  • No upfront capex/Positive cash-flow from day 1

  • Ready to share savings with RESET

  • Long-term commitment from RESET

Project Based Finance Energy Efficiency 

  • Finance projects for RESET, building owners, equipment manufacturers and solutions providers

  • New construction

  • Existing projects


  • No upfront capex/Positive cash-flow from day 1

  • Removing the burden of finance

  • Making energy efficiency accessible to everyone

  • Low OPEX


Annual Energy Savings
250,000 AED

Simple Payback
4 Years
Project Financing.jpg
Guaranteed Savings
Energy & Water
Project Financing

We implement proven technologies to cost effectively achieve energy savings.

Our solutions provide 20% to 35% energy saving and 50% to 80% water savings on average.

We also provide alternative sources of energy, like rooftop PV solar or hybrid  solutions which can further reduce the energy bill or improve source reliability.



Pumps & Motors.jpg

Pumps & Motors



Water & Irrigation.jpeg

Water & Irrigation

Controls & Automation_edited.jpg

Controls & Automation

Solar PV.jpg

Solar PV & Hybrid Renewables


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