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Alliances for Global Sustainability

Alliances for Global Sustainability (AGS) is an Abu Dhabi based company that identifies, develops and invests in economically feasible ESG projects that supports sustainability of the UAE and globally. AGS is deeply aware of the global climate crises and the need for significant and sustainable change to the way we live.


AGS is committed to providing solutions to develop smarter city infrastructure for a more sustainable AbuDhabi and more circularity in our economy, using new renewable/clean energy technology solutions as fundamental to this change – for our planet and for humanity.


AGS has been involved in energy and water saving projects since 2016, achieving up to 83% utility cost savings for some for their clients.

AGS is a partner and also one of the RESET company shareholders.


Annual Energy Savings
1,000,000 AED

Simple Payback
3 Years

IHC Utilities Holding

IHC was founded in 1998, as part of an initiative to diversify and grow non-oil business sectors in the UAE.  Adhering to ‘Abu Dhabi’s Vision 2030’, the ADX listed company endeavours to implement sustainability, innovation, and economic diversification initiatives across what is now one of the region’s largest conglomerates.


IHC has a clear objective of enhancing its portfolio through acquisitions, strategic investments, and business combinations.  Comprising more than 30 entities, IHC seeks to expand and diversify its holdings across a growing number of sectors, including Real Estate, Agriculture, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Utilities, Industries, IT and Communications, Retail and Leisure, and Capital.


With a core strategy to enhance shareholder value and achieve growth, IHC drives operational synergies and maximizes cost efficiencies across all verticals – it also continues to evaluate investment opportunities through direct ownership and entering partnerships in the UAE and abroad. As the world changes, and new opportunities arise, IHC remains focused on resilience, innovation and redefining the marketplace for itself, its clients, and its partners.



Annual Energy Savings
200,000 AED

Simple Payback
3.6 Years
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